Welcome to Charleville CBS

Welcome to our new school website. As a school we are excited about the roll out of Google Suite as part of developments in teaching and learning here in C.B.S. Each student now has a school email which will allow them to access work teachers have assigned and to communicate with school if they are absent. This forms part of the school’s Digital Learning Framework as we work to ensure our students develop the skills they require for futher education. A new school year has begun and is well underway with a variety of learning activities for our students both inside and outside of the classroom. Our school’s Twitter feed @CBSCharleville has regular updates on teaching and learning, our school community and all the extra curricular work happening on a day to day basis, so be sure to follow us on Twitter or go to our school website www.charlevillecbs.com to see the Twitter feed.
As part of our school self evaluation process we are always looking at how we can support our students and enhance the positive experience they have here in C.B.S. as well as ensure their holistic development.
This year we have been allocated a Behaviour for Learning Programme teacher who works closely with the NCSE (National Council for Special Education) and Ms Carol Merrick was appointed to this role in mid September.
We are setting up a Google Chrome Book Trolley which will be up and running in Term 2 and this will bring Digital Learning into classrooms
Our positive behaviour support team are running a number of challenges for students to ensure positive acknowledgement and engagement by all in our school community – first up is ‘No Lates November’ Puncutality Challenge.
Our First Years 2018 are well settled in following their induction programme and support from their Year Head Ms Meaney and the TY Links Mentors. This culminated with a field trip to LIT Film Festival on Thursday 25th October and a bowling for bonding afternoon between TYs and 1st years.
As we look ahead for the year, we are excited to be part of BTYSE again this year in January, supporting our players on the sporting fields in a variety of different codes and TYS “treading the boards” in March. While all of this happens our students will continue to excel in their academic progress as the Leaving Cert results and Junior Cert results of 2018 demonstrated.
A new Parents Advisory Council and a new Student Council have been elected for the school year ahead as part of our partnership with all stakeholders in the education of the young men in our care. We wish them well in their endeavours this year.
Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine.
Úna Griffin

We Care, We Respect, We are Responsible