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Andrea Murphy, Principal

Charleville CBS secondary school

CBS Charleville welcomed their new Principal Andrea Murphy, previously Deputy Principal in Waterford, and a former teacher of English and Music.

Andrea received a warm welcome from students, staff and the Board of Management since joining the school. ‘It is a privilege to work with such a dedicated staff, working together to ensure our students will grow in confidence, personality and character. We believe that every student has special gifts and talents and that by working together as a team we can nurture their confidence, create high expectations and support them to achieve their full potential.’

CBS Charleville is very proud of the reputation that it has developed over its history which is a result of the incredible commitment and great work carried out by students, staff and parents. This is particularly evident by the results our Leaving Certificate Class 2020 achieved, with one student achieving 625 points, and closely followed by a large cohort of students in the 500-600 and, 400-500 points categories.

‘We are so proud of our students, with the spirit of partnership, teamwork and positivity permeating throughout the school. The school aims to provide the best possible education to all the students entrusted in our care. Caring is the foundation of the Edmund Rice tradition, students are at their best in a caring environment, they listen to people who matter to them, and to whom they matter. Working together, staff, parents, the Senior Management Team and Board of Management, will continue to support our students.


Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí.’